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What is GTD®?

Based on the iconic bestseller by David Allen, the skills taught in Getting Things Done® have been shown to relieve cognitive load, allow for increased focus, even result in optimal experience and peak performance.

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Discover the 5 steps of GTD

Each step can be considered a habit in itself.
High performance is achieved when we are able to put all
5 steps into practice.



Collect what has your attention.
Write, record, or gather any and everything that has your attention into a collection too



Process what it means.
Clarify everything that was collected, defining the next action for
each item.



Put it where it belongs.
Park reminders of your categorized content in appropriate places.



Frequently review.
Update and review all pertinent system contents to regain control and focus.



Simply do.
Use your trusted system to make action decisions with confidence and clarity.

Enhance work productivity.

Learn a methodology for freeing up attention to focus on strategic projects and tasks.

Improve time management.

Develop a personalized system that integrates lists and calendars by context for efficient use of time and attention.

Turn chaos into control.

Manage the constant flow of requests, tasks and interruptions experienced at every turn of work and life.

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The Road to Mastery

The road to GTD Mastery is a training productivity program broken down into three levels.

Level 1


Level 2

Projects and Priorities

Level 3

Focus and Direction

GTD Training Options

Both in-person and virtual learning available

Companies & Organizations

GTD® in-company training is suitable for up to 20 participants per class. The training offers an extremely practical approach that allow for immediate application of the GTD® methodology. Training lasts 10 hours.

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Public Seminars

Following the same format as the in-company modality, public seminars are available on specific dates for the general public.


GTD® coaching supports individuals in the implementation of GTD in their daily lives. It is recommended for those who already have a basic knowledge of the methodology. It lasts 6 hours, divided into 3 sessions.

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The Getting Things Done book brings together decades of research to introduce a gold mine of productivity tips and strategies for getting a lot more accomplished with much less effort.

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